We are the Greenwich Winter Night Shelter
– a practical response to homelessness.
We are a volunteer-led charity that relies heavily on the generous time given by each of our volunteers.
Supporting the homeless,
challenging homelessness.
‘It’s the highlight of my week, the team I am with are lovely and there is such a sense of being of real practical help.’ – volunteer
We have over 300 volunteers who facilitate the shelter, chat and mix with guests and ensure a friendly, peaceful and homely atmosphere.

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Shelter update

The Trustees of the GWNS met last night and, following the most recent Government advice, made the difficult decision to close the shelter two weeks earlier than planned on the morning of Thursday 19th March. Please be reassured that GWNS is working hard with our referral agencies to find appropriate accommodation for our guests by Thursday morning.

We had this message from the Royal Borough of Greenwich this morning, “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the shelter for the work they have done to help those with the least in our community and as with every year the smooth running of the shelter has helped us significantly to reduce the need of people to rough sleep during the cold weather. This has hugely help us to achieve the ‘in for good principal’, giving Greenwich and its partners time  to assist guests to move to more stable housing options. Please thank all the staff and volunteers at your end as they are true life savers and should not underestimate the impact they have had on the lives of those needing support at such a difficult time in their lives.”

We will also have to postpone the volunteer celebration and thanksgiving evening scheduled for 1st April until further notice. Nevertheless, we would like to thank all our volunteers for your hard work this season and for your patience in these extraordinary times.

The good news is that GWNS opened its doors to our homeless guests on Thursday 14th November. Since then we have welcomed 65 guests into the night shelter and 28 guests have been moved into more permanent accommodation.

Revd Margaret Cave
Chair of GWNS Trustees


Greenwich Winter Night Shelter takes safeguarding very seriously. If you have any concerns about anyone’s safety, please find out what to do by reading about our safeguarding procedures on our about us page.

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