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2018-2019 Outcomes

2018-2019 Outcomes

Brackets reflect 2017-2018 numbers

We received 94 referrals last year. The shortest stay was 1 night, the longest was 65 nights. In total GWNS provided 1298 bed nights and at the close of the Shelter more than half of our guests had been found at least temporary accommodation.

GWNS works alongside the agencies who refer guests to us. These agencies are trying, ultimately, to find permanent accommodation and recognise the value of temporary shelters to enable them to do this. GWNS not only supplies food and overnight beds but also works with guests to get the appropriate help that they need.

The shortest stay was one night, the longest 65.  We had a total of 11 (7) female and 45 (23) male guests.  We were open for 112 (85) nights, and total bed nights occupied were 1,298 (1,005).  UK Nationals were 22 (16), EU Nationals 15 (8), and Non-EU Nationals 19 (6).  We had 300 (180) volunteers who helped in at least one shift.

By the close of the Shelter, 19 (6) guests had been housed; 18 (14) moved either to temporary hostel accommodation or to another supported night shelter; and 19 (10) either made their own move-on arrangements (sofa surfed) or went back to rough sleeping.