3rd - 9th June 2024

GWNS is a charity run by volunteers. This week is our opportunity to shine a spotlight on them and the amazing work they do. 

Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation, cooking, cleaning, playing ping pong, gardening and generally being a listening ear for guests. During the winter night shelter, they work around the clock to keep our doors open, starting the day at 6.30am and staying through the night to keep everyone safe.

We have a core team of around 150 volunteers who have such a diverse range of skillsets. From cooking the perfect fried egg to running art classes for our guests, everyone brings something unique.

During the winter season, 26 guests moved on to positive accommodation. This wouldn’t be possible without volunteer support; filling rotas, cooking meals, hoovering floors and loading dishwashers.

We were open for 137 nights, which is 411 shifts over the course of the Night Shelter, which these wonderful people filled.

On top of that, over the past year, we’ve had an average of 39 guests using the Day Centre each month.

And it’s volunteers who cook the breakfast, open the shop, stock the towels, clear the dishes, and generally create the warm and welcoming space that guests appreciate.

Highlights from 23-24

Volunteer awards ceremony! We had a fabulous volunteer celebration a the end of the season to treat our volunteers.

Ping Pong tournaments

We have been really enjoying challenging guests and volunteers for the ping pong title, and are so excited for our new table being donated by MPS.

The Pottery & Art showcase featured work by volunteers and guests, and some of our volunteers ran arts and crafts sessions at the day centre.

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